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Welcome to the website of Asian Rarities Enterprises, Inc., formerly known as R&D Antiques and Oriental Art. We are now listed under our official corporate name, and if you were forwarded to this site from www.randdorienalart.com, please be assured that we are the same owners as before and will be listing the same quality antiques and art as before. Our business was officially established in Texas in 1973, and we have continued over the years to develop our knowledge and expertise as collectors and dealers in Oriental treasures, antique clocks, and a full range of two and three dimensional art. Our favorite collectibles have been Japanese netsuke and other types of carvings from ivory, stone, wood and jade. We also have an affinity for original bronze sculptures, vases, and incense burners.

We have been located in many of the finest antique malls in the Dallas area since 1987, but are now within several gallery-type spaces in a single mall at High Street in Plano, Texas. We highly recommend that you visit High Street if you have an interest in almost any type of antiques, collectibles, furniture or accessories for the home or business. Most people that visit the mall for the first time express their amazement at the variety and quality of the merchandise on display and for sale by more than a hundred dealers. They say, “We never knew this place existed before now” and that they “Think it is a great place to shop”.

Even when we are not at High Street in person, visitors can learn a lot by browsing the various booths and numerous showcases where we (and other dealers) exhibit and sell quality antiques and collectibles. When you visit there, just ask anyone at the front desk for D. J. or Rhonda, and they will let you know if we are there. If not, someone will always be available to answer questions or open showcases for you to examine and items that you have an interest in seeing up close.

Asian Rarities Enterprises, Inc.
@ High Street 
800 N Central Expressway; Plano 75074
At Plano Parkway
Monday~Saturday … 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
Sunday … 11:00 am until 6:00 pm


  • Some of the rare and hard to find items we have on display in our numerous showcases are as follows:
    An extensive selection of quality antiques and art including Ming to Ching Dynasty porcelain from China, Meiji period porcelain such as Imari, Kutani, and Satsuma from Japan, early Thai ceramics from the 14th century Thailand, and 19th century English, French, German and Russian art.
  • A wide variety of rare antiques and collectible items, including fine Oriental cloisonné, original paintings, woodblock prints, bronze sculptures, vases, incense burners, and early Buddha images in bronze and wood.
  • Large and small antique Asian, European and American furniture and accessories.
  • Vintage inkwells in bronze, brass, marble, wood and cut glass.
  • A large selection of quality bronze and porcelain mantle clocks and grandfather clocks. The highlight of our clock selection is a magnificent top of the line Herschede Grandfather clock, c1978, that plays 3 different chimes on 9 tubes. We also have a large German open-well grandfather clock with barley twist columns and a deep resonant chime on the hour and half hours, and two large magnificent bronze figural clocks.
  • Although we are no longer providing formal ISA appraisals or conducting estate sales, we can usually be found at the special holidays and events at the High Street location, and are happy to answer questions visitors have about items that are in our area of expertise. We look forward to seeing you.

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